COMING SOON!:  "Destiny City" -- scheduled for publication in an anthology of original spy fiction, "Destiny City" is a right now story of spies and terrorists racing the murder clock in our gilded Washington, D.C. wonderland where no one is safe. To be published by Otto Penzler, details when available.

"The Dark Sacred Night"

Now available on-line at Shorts, originally intended for an Italian only anthology of original noir fiction, this is my "darkest" story, savage and surreal.

"Broken Heroes"

Originally published in two parts by PERFECT 10 magazine, this novella is a football powered confession from a high school loner doomed to fight a solo war against a psycho monster in their "innocent" Middle American realit. If you like the movie BRICK, you'll love this story.

"The Bottom Line"

Available now in the anthology of original fiction D.C. NOIR, my saga of Capital Hll in this age of lobbyist scandals received the following praise from THE WASHINGTON POST"...a tour de force of narrative bravado.  A story of double-dealing on Capitol Hill, it crams enough plot to power a full-length novel into a mere 30 pages.  From its opening sentence -- `The Capitol building glowed in the night like a white icing cake' -- to the surprises at its finish line, this is a story that never stops barreling along."  

Carl Hiaassen and Otto Penzler list "The Bottom Line" as one of their "Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2006" in an annual anthology, "The Best American Mystery Stories 2007."


My "re-imagining" of the character and chaos that created my novel SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR, an all new original story set in our post-9/11 right now, first published last year in PERFECT 10, this story was published in a special anthology in France by Rivages Noir and will soon be available in the United States in a special reprint with SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR.  The new story surges with terrorism, conspiracy, paranoia, murder, mayhem and sex.  Shoot every bullet you've got.

"The Championship Of Nowhere"
Contained in Best Mystery Stories 2002. One of my most beloved works of prose, a noir saga of love, crime, boxing, the Roaring Twenties, and Montana.

"Kiss The Sky"
Edgar finalist for Best Short Story. First published in Unusual Suspects, an anthology of crime fiction created as a benefit for Share Our Strength to fight hunger and illiteracy.
Chosen for "Finest Crime And Mystery Stories" anthology. A ticking-clock prison story, about…well, about love and redemption. FX network bought this story, I adapted it for their screen….Still waiting to see it on TV.

Good news:  the planned 2008 edition of D.C. NOIR -- THE CLASSICS will contain Kiss The Sky. Thanks to editor and friend George Pelecanos and Akashic Books.

"The Devil’s Playground"
An homage, in the anthology: Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe. My chance to work with someone else’s creation of genius.

Contained in the anthology: Murder For Halloween. I should have titled this story, "The Faithful." A tale of brave and honorable children confronting ever increasing levels of evil, told in the magic realism style.

"The Arranger"
Second Place winner, REGARDIE’s Magazine short fiction contest, 1989.
READ THE COMPLETE SHORT STORY! Even the Mob changes with history.

"The Train"
First Place winner, REGARDIE’s Magazine short fiction contest, 1988. After working in the U.S. Senate and covering it as a reporter, this is my homage to its unsung, unglamorous heroes who give their all to make our democracy lurch through history.