Hollywood & Journalism

A member of Writers Guild, East, Grady has written feature scripts for producer Mace Neufeld, director John Woo, and several major studios. His script served as the basis for the David Hasselhoff—Rod Steiger movie LEGACY. Grady adapted his award winning short story “Kiss The Sky” for FX network and wrote an espionage thriller for HBO. Grady was a staff writer/Story Editor for a Stephen Cannell series in the 1980’s, and created a police drama for CBS TV.

In the heady post-Watergate era, Grady spent four years as a national investigative reporter for columnist Jack Anderson (who’d been a murder target of Nixon’s Plumbers). Grady’s freelance journalism has appeared in Slate.com, THE WASHINGTON POST, WASHINGTONIAN MAGAZINE, AMERICAN FILM THE NEW REPUBLIC, SPORT MAGAZINE, and the scholarly JOURNAL OF ASIAN MARTIAL ARTS.  Most recently, I've published in PARADE MAGAZINE.

The Ghost in the American Machine:
Movies shaped my life. Bill Clinton was the first of my generation to run for President, a race that was haunted by rumors of sexual escapades. Those questions created a powerful nexus: politics, Hollywood, movies, fame, sex, love, personal responsibility and fulfillment. So many of those questions and so many answers swirled in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Nathaniel Blumberg, my former professor and a journalism legend, published this essay in his Treasure State Review, an independent publication dedicated to cultural, political, and press issues. Years later, when a sex scandal redefined Presidential politics, I could only read my words—and weep.

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