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     "It takes guts to be nuts."

      New novel MAD DOGS is out now!

                          Critics compare it to

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

        Fight Club

                Motherless Brooklyn

                                  and of course

                   Six Days Of The Condor

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We are all in this whacky new cyber world.
Feels like the old world.
Choice. Love. Power. Change.

Plus a shotgun blast of other truths defining our thing called life. Call those truths our constants, whether we’re in this cyber whiz world or Macbeth’s castle.

Writing human stories powered by our constants is what I strive to do. Novels. Short Stories. Movies. TV. Once upon a time, journalism. I want this website to be a window on my work for you, for the world. A window that lets you see where that work has been, where it’s going, and what else is out there that I think is worth checking out (see the ever-changing WHAT’S NEW page with the great art by Edward Sorel). This window can also let me see you: please use the CONTACT button to e-mail me.

I’m lucky to be here, to have this window.
James Grady


Hollywood & Journalism
Hollywood & Journalism

Short Fiction
Short Fiction

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